Pismo podlega ocenie Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego. Liczba punktów parametrycznych -8. Prodedury recenzowania i zatwierdzania do druku artykułów naukowych oparte są na rekomendacjach zawartych w dokumencie "Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce", MNiSzW, 2011.
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Wydanie 4/2016(41)

Capacity building in developing and transitional economies – transport sector

Autor: Ignacy H. Chrzanowski

Transport is a key element in the economy of each country. Therefore, it is the area of research that allows for evaluation of development potential and institutional capacity of the entire economy. The main aim of the article is to draw attention to the fact that the correct functioning of the transpor system does not depend solely of the adequate funding of infrastructure, but on building its development potential. Based on examples of prob-lems of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and some developing countries, the Author proves that the desire to reduce poverty in the post-communist countries would not be effective, if the most urgent problems related to the transport industry were not resolved during the transition period.

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