Pismo podlega ocenie Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego. Liczba punktów parametrycznych -8. Prodedury recenzowania i zatwierdzania do druku artykułów naukowych oparte są na rekomendacjach zawartych w dokumencie "Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce", MNiSzW, 2011.
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Wydanie 4/2016(41)

Numer 4/2016(41)

Spis treści

» In memoriam
  • Value Seeker
  • » Practical theory
  • Comments on the theory of inequality
  • Economic and social inequalities and objectives of social enterprise
  • Role and place of the public sector in the modern economy
  • Importance of axiology in creation of a new paradigm of economics
  • » Notes on the margin
  • Social inequalities versus economic growth in theory and practice
  • » Management workshop
  • The impact of transfer pricing on corporate income tax settlement
  • Development prospects for innovations on the market of payment services
  • » Reports, research, good practices
  • Capacity building in developing and transitional economies – transport sector
  • Knowledge-intensive services sector in Poland against EU
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